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About Origin
Founded in 2007, Origin Investments is a real estate investment firm with more than $600 million in assets under management. The firm is Chicago-based, with additional offices in Charlotte, Dallas and Denver. Origin acquires, operates and provides debt financing for value-added office and multi-family properties in eight fast-growing markets in the US.
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Origin invests in real estate directly and is not a middle man or broker. The company’s goal is to generate the highest risk-adjusted returns for its investors and principals by acquiring and managing high-quality real estate opportunities. The company offers investments through a Fund structure rather than individual investments. Our technology allows us to offer our investments at a lower entry point to more individuals, while maintaining the same level of quality and service. Origin’s first two funds are in the top decile for funds of their size and vintage (based on Preqin data), with Fund I on track to generate a 28 percent net return and Fund II on track to deliver a 19.5 percent return.
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Both Origin and private REITs generate investment returns through real estate. However, we differ in the following ways:

• REITs are typically designed to generate fees for the manager, while Origin is in the business of generating investment returns for both us and our investment partners.

• Our Funds operate through an LLC structure, which means that all tax benefits (such as depreciation and interest expense) pass through to investors. In a REIT structure, the tax benefits are captured at the REIT-level and any income paid out is taxed at the ordinary income rate.

• Private REITs typically pay substantial fees to advisors to ‘sell’ their product. We don’t pay a middle man to ‘sell’ our investments, which means lower fees for the investor and more dollars invested into properties.

• REITs take investor money upfront, even though they may not have properties to invest the capital. This creates pressure to invest money, which they either invest in cash or public securities. They can also pay investors a dividend with their own equity if they don’t have ample cash flow. Origin operates under a called capital structure, which means that we ask for capital only after we’ve found a property. Capital is returned to our investors after a property sale or refinance or from operating cash flow.

• REITs derive the majority of their fees through transactions, while ours come after the investor makes money.

• Origin’s principals invest significantly in our own deals, whereas very few Private REIT managers invest significant capital into their vehicles.

• We provide quarterly updates on our investments and provide full transparency into our investments and process. A Private REIT is not obligated to provide investors with similar transparency.

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Origin’s two cofounders use Origin as their primary investment vehicle. To date, they are the largest investors at Origin with over $44 million committed alongside investors at the same terms. Additionally, our team is compensated based on asset performance, not acquisition volume. Finally, we don’t believe in paying people to sell our products; our funds are not offered by commission-based advisors.
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Origin Investments takes security of our users’ data seriously, and we consciously take steps to ensure all information remains secure. Origin Investments adheres to the following principles in concern for the security and privacy of its customers:

1. Design for Security: We believe in security throughout every level of our customer’s experience. Therefore, our development, technical, and support staff are trained to maintain and improve upon our platform with security in mind, and do so with the support of the highest levels of our organization.

2. Standardized Security Controls: All components are held to the same standards of compliance to security policies, redundancy and resilience against attacks.

3. Continuous Monitoring and Review: By remaining vigilant on our systems through audits and regular reviews, we maintain the integrity of our system and continue to enhance our user’s experience.

Where necessary, Origin Investments works with 3rd party services in an effort to provide our customers with the most efficient and secure experience possible. In such cases, these core components of our policy still apply.
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At Origin, we stand behind the services we provide to our investors. If you are not happy with our services, we will work with you to make things right. And if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your investment at your request. This satisfaction guarantee is only available to new Origin investors and is limited to $250,000 per investor. No fees, charges or market losses will be refunded. For additional information regarding fees, please see the Private Placement Memorandum provided to you at the time of your investment or upon your request.

Full text of Origin’s Service Guarantee: The Origin service guarantee is only available to new investors for the first twelve (12) months following their initial investment with Origin. If at any time during the first twelve (12) months following your initial investment you are not completely satisfied with the services being provided to you by Origin, at your request Origin will refund the amount of such initial investment up to $250,000, less applicable management fees and charges. You will receive a refund of amounts covered by this guarantee within approximately four weeks of your request. No other fees, charges, expenses, or market losses will be refunded. The maximum cumulative amount of all refunds made under this guarantee is limited to $5 million. Origin reserves the right to change this guarantee in the future upon publication of such changes on this website. For additional information regarding associated program fees, please see the Private Placement Memorandum provided to you at the time of your investment or upon your request.
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For Investors
Origin’s platform provides in-depth information on our latest products and assets. After investing, it also becomes the place to receive account statements, property updates and ongoing communication from Origin.
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Origin’s offerings are available to accredited investors. Accreditation status will be verified upon commitment to an offering. An accredited investor is a term used by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Rule 501 of Regulation D. In order to qualify as accredited, an investor must accomplish at least one of the following:

• Earn an individual income of more than $200,000 per year, or a joint spousal income of more than $300,000 per year, in each of the last two years and expect to reasonably maintain the same level of income;

• Have a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with his or her spouse (excluding the primary residence);

• Be a bank, insurance company, registered investment company, business development company, or small business investment company;

• Be a general partner, executive officer, director or a related combination thereof for the issuer of a security being offered;

• Be a business in which all the equity owners are accredited investors. Be an employee benefit plan, a trust, charitable organization, partnership, or company with total assets in excess of $5 million.

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Yes. However, non-US investors have certain tax U.S Federal income tax obligations that differ from those of a US investor. Non-US investors are urged to consult with their tax advisor and to review the tax considerations set forth in the Fund’s Private Placement Memorandum.
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Origin’s products are available to accredited investors who register on Origin’s website. Click on the “Sign Up” button to begin setting up your account. Once registered, you will have access to detailed information on available offerings, such as location, business plans, deal analysis and performance projections. Click “Invest Now” when you are ready to invest in a deal. From there, an Origin team member will be in touch with instructions to verify your accreditation, sign legal documents and fund your investment.
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To ask questions or set up an introductory call, you can email or call us directly at 800-628-8008. An Origin team member will follow up in a timely manner.
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Yes. Accredited investors are able to invest through an LLC or trust. Investors are also able to invest through their traditional self-directed IRAs.
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Yes, Origin’s investments are audited by Miller, Cooper & Co., Ltd.
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To ensure that capital is property transferred, all investor funds are handled by a third-party administer, as directed by the Fund’s manager in accordance with the operating documents. Funds are generally transferred using standard ACH transmittal procedures.
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Investors can access updated account information 24/7 by logging in to the Origin website. They'll also receive detailed asset management updates via email at least once per quarter.
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