Partnering with Wealth Managers

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Learn why private real estate still works in today's portfolios and how to evaluate managers and deals.

We work so well with wealth managers because we deeply understand their business. We, too, are fiduciaries. We invest significantly in the same strategies as our clients, at the same terms. We believe that risk management is the key to building and preserving wealth. We know that the trust of our clients is earned through alignment, transparency and execution.

We do not offer commissions or sales loads of any kind and exclusively work with fee-only advisors. The vast majority of our clients are individual investors. This focus influences everything we do, from the fund's fees and minimums to our best-in-class reporting and online portal.

Resources for Professionals

Downloads to Share with Clients

Origin Fund III Presentation

Investor presentation with detailed track record and current fund assets. Updated as of March 15, 2017.

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Origin Fund III PPM

Confidential Private Placement Memorandum for Origin Fund III, LLC.

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Introduction to Fund III Webinar

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